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Are vaccines necessary?

This a very common question and the answer is a resounding YES! Having worked in the veterinary industry for many years all of our staff have seen pets whose lives could have been saved by vaccination. Parvovirus, leptospirosis, FeLV, cat flu are all devastating diseases that cause enormous suffering to pets and heartbreak for their owners. On the other hand vaccine reactions are extremely few and far between thanks to extensive research. It has been proven that immunity to these diseases decreases after 12 months which is why we vaccinate once per year.

What is canine cough and do I need to vaccinate my dog?

Kennel cough or Canine cough is a very contagious infection that causes a harsh, hoarse cough in dogs. It is very easy for dogs to contract canine cough – it just requires nose to nose contact or shared airspace. Canine cough can be contracted in parks, training classes, grooming salons, veterinary clinic waiting rooms, boarding kennels or just saying hello on a walk. While usually not life threatening it is unpleasant and often makes dogs feel very unwell. If you suspect your dog has canine cough please contact us to make an appointment – the sooner we treat the better.

Do I need to vaccinate?

We would advise that all dogs are vaccinated for canine cough. The vaccine lasts 12 months and prevents most strains of kennel cough. We see this disease very frequently and prevention is better than cure.

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