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What if your pet needs his/hers teeth cleaned?

Most cats and dogs will need to have their teeth cleaned at some point as they get older. Unlike their human counterparts, their diet tends to be healthier and therefore cavities are slower to form. In addition, a good quality dry food like Hills or Royal Canin, keep teeth healthy for longer. Teeth brushing is very helpful but even the best intentioned owner is not likely to brush twice a day!

Over time, plaque and tartar will eventually start to build up. This leads to smelly breath and gingivitis- inflammation of the gums. If not dealt with gums will recede exposing the tooth roots and leading to decay and pain.

The nasty bacteria in the mouth can even lead to disease elsewhere in the body, like the heart. Some cats are especially prone to cavities and gingivitis and require dentals more regularly than most.

Drooling, smelly breath and chattering teeth are some of the signs that your pet may need a dental.

Once plaque and tartar build up, we will clean the teeth, ideally before decay takes place. We use the same ultrasonic de-scaler and polisher as the human dentist uses. However, our patients will have a short general anaesthetic while getting their teeth cleaned.

This is for two reasons:

  1. We need to place a tube in their throat to protect it- to ensure none of the bacteria in the mouth gets in there.
  2. Our furry patients don’t lie back in a chair with their mouth open!

If your pet needs extractions the vet will most likely want to send them home with medication. We will always check after a few days to ensure everything is healing- this post dental check-up is included in the cost of the procedure. Soft food will be needed for up to 10 days following extractions.

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