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  • Microchipping

Why get your pet microchipped?

It is the law!

It is now a legal requirement to have all dogs microchipped and registered on an approved national database. We would advise that all dogs and cats are microchipped. It is also one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make for your pet.

At least once or twice per week we have stray dogs brought into Firhouse Vets. Unfortunately the vast majority are not microchipped which means if an owner doesn’t come to claim them we have no choice but to send them to the pound. Despite common misconceptions the Dublin pound does not euthanaseeuthanise healthy dogs. However there is a risk that they will contract kennel cough or some other disease as a result of the changing population at a pound. There is also a significant possibility of your pet getting re-homed if you don’t claim him or her after a period of time.

All of this could be avoided by having your pet microchipped and registered to a reputable database. In these cases we scan your pet, find their microchip and search for your details on the relevant database. Then we get in touch and reunite you and your pet!

So in short – Microchip, microchip, microchip!!

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