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What to expect when visiting the nurse

We have four veterinary nurses at the practice, who between them have almost 25 years’ experience in veterinary medicine. They are all pet owners so they know what it’s like to worry about a sick animal.

Our nurses will usually see pets for post-operative checks and stitch removal. They also trim nails, empty anal glands and administer medicines if an owner is struggling at home. Our nurses have an excellent nutritional knowledge and can advise on what and how much to feed.

If you feel your pet is overweight book an appointment with the nurse who will weigh them and give you diet advice.

What owners don’t see is the ‘behind the scenes’ work that our nurses do. They do so many vital tasks from taking blood samples and prepping animals for surgery to administering medication and doing physiotherapy. They get to know their furry patients very well and really give them the expert care and attention they deserve.

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